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How to Take

How to Take

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Product Photos

Smartphone with your


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in just 3 hours!

in just 3 hours!

When it comes to marketing (and selling!) physical products, there's one thing every eComm brand owner knows:

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'I highly recommend taking the time to complete this course - you will instantly realize the value."

Photography has never been my strong suit and I was struggling with product photography for my candles! After taking Natalie's course "Photograph Your Products Like a Boss",  I learned so many great tips and tricks to take professional quality photos with my iPhone. I had no idea that I could change so many settings on my phone camera and just those tips alone were invaluable! 

- rebecca, opal road

Hi, there! I'm Natalie.

I want to help you.

I’m a formally-trained pro photographer with almost 25 years behind the lens. I've had the esteemed privilege of being the go-to photographer for high-powered execs, politicians, celebs, and yes, even royalty. But you know what really lights my creative fire? Products, glorious products!

Through years of battling unwanted glares, wrestling with bad lighting, and making magic happen in less-than-ideal settings, I've cracked the code. I've experimented with compositions, played with styling, and danced with exposures, gaining a profound understanding of the psychology behind images that open wallets.

And guess what? Whether I'm rocking my fancy-pants mirrorless DSLR or just snapping away with my trusty phone, it's all about capturing that indescribable feeling that transcends the screen.

I'm going to let you in on a secret - It's not about the gear; it's about knowing how to compose a scene that speaks directly to your buyer.

Enter Photograph Your Products Like a Boss, where I spill the tea on creating visuals that cultivate trust and loyalty.

I'm on a mission to empower small brands like yours to whip up jaw-dropping product photos that dazzle your audience and convert like nobody's business. Get ready to rock your smartphone camera with my foolproof Setup, Shoot, and Share Method and let's skyrocket those sales!

it's easy


setup, light, and shoot IG-worthy pictures of your products with just your phone.


edit and color-correct in the native camera app, without having to download any fancy programs.


organize your pictures so that you can quickly find exactly what you want, when you want it.

to take beautiful Branded photos of your products using just your Phone

when you know how ...

just imagine ...


waking up to consistent daily sales that allow you to grow your biz & brand with ease


feeling proud that your storefront now looks as beautiful as the ones you used to envy


quickly snapping conversion-boosting photos on your iPhone


how much lighter and happier you'll feel when you know how to take authentic *conversion boosting* product shots with just your iPhone.

this is for you.

The good news is that you can learn how to take stand-out photos yourself!

If taking product photos is the bane of your existence, then ... 

don't wait!

One time payment of $47!

A self-paced Masterclass that teaches you how to take product photos *that convert* using just your phone - so you can bring in more sales while you sleep.

That's why I'm so clickin' excited to bring you ...

learn how to:

Stock Your Toolbox 

(must-have tools) ...................................... $97 

(find out what a prop even is) ............. $97 

(how to find settings) ................................ $97 

(and shoot them in natural light) ...... $97 

(on the kitchen table) ............................... $97 

(without using presets) ........................... $97 

Curate On-Brand Props

Master Your Smartphone

Style Your Pics

Set up Your 'Studio'

Dial in Perfect Color

Step-by-Step Workflow Guide ..... $47

Handy Dandy iPhone Tips .............. $47

Pro-Studio Setup Workshop .......... $47

Plus these Bonuses

One time payment of $47!

Total Value = $773

Regular Price = $397


How to make beautiful on-brand backgrounds yourself

Which lights to buy on a budget

The best smartphone lenses to buy

The 411 on all the essential tools you must have in your product photography toolbox. Get ready for some savvy tips on finding lenses, lights and backdrops without burning a hole in your pocket.

The tools you need and where to get them.

Stock Your toolbox

Course breakdown:

Where to find props

How to choose props based on color and texture

How to curate a set of props that you can use over and over again

Uncover the art and psychology of using props in your visual storytelling and turn your visual game into a powerhouse of connection and impact.

Infuse meaning and context in your pics.

Curate on-Brand Props

Finally know where to find the settings you need

Nail the exposure every time

Learn which settings you need to turn on (or off)

Finally know exactly which settings you need to worry about and where to find them. We'll cover everything from activating your grid to changing your aspect ratio.

Learn which settings you need and where to find them.

Master Your Smartphone

Learn how to set the mood of your pictures

Formulas for styling and composing scroll-stopping shots

Understand the different types of light

Put everything together you've learned so far to capture irresistible shots of your products that increase customer engagement and boost conversion rates.

Create instant brand recognition.

Style Your Pics

Learn how to shoot in a dark room

Secrets to beautiful, realistic compositions

How to create a studio in a small space

Transform your everyday space into a professional studio, as I guide you through practical setups, clever lighting hacks and composition techniques that'll have you creating pro-level visuals right from your kitchen table.

Create a top-notch setup that won't break the bank.

Set Up Your 'Studio'

Do it all right in your phone's native camera app

Create your own recipe of settings 

Understand the relationship between settings for complete creative control

Uncover the perfect blend of exposure, focus and filters to turn your pics into Insta-worthy masterpieces.

The right settings are the secret to extraordinary pics.

Dial in Perfect Color

Elevate your smartphone photography game with my Handy Dandy iPhone Photo Tips. Uncover insider secrets to maximize your iPhone's capabilities, turning it into a powerful tool for capturing pro-quality images that'll leave your audience in awe.

Handy Dandy iPhone Photo Tips


Navigate the world of product photography effortlessly with my Step-by-Step Workflow Guide. From setting up your shot to the final edit, this bonus offers a comprehensive roadmap, ensuring you stay on track and create stunning visuals with ease.

Step-by-Step Workflow Guide


i'm so ready!
i'm so ready!

Ready to take your photography to the next level, but don’t know which gear you need or how to set it up? I’ll show you exactly what you need in your kit and how to configure it.

Pro-Studio Setup Workshop



you asked...


I don't have a big camera, is this course for me?

Absolutely. This course is designed specially for smartphone shooters.


I'm an android user. Can I take this class?

You sure can! The underlying principles for taking pics with an Android are the same as they are for an iPhone. Plus, I'm sure you'll also pick up some good tips and tricks on styling and framing.


I'm not a creative person. Is this for me?

It sure is! You'll be able to watch over my shoulder as I compose, light, and edit scenes. You'll have first-hand insight into my methodology so that you feel confident the next time you run into a challenging shooting or editing situation.


What is the format of this class?

This is a 5-session self-guided course that you can work through in one-afternoon.


Do I need any special software for this course?

Nope! All you need is the software that's already on your phone.


How do I access the recordings?

You'll get an email with a login and password to your private member's area. You'll find the recording of the Masterclass, along with the bonuses, there. You have unlimited access to the course materials in your portal.

For anyone shooting their own products

Natalie's Class Is


- Alexandra, Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery

sure, you *could" just keep at it

But it wouldn't it be a lot less painful if someone could just show you exactly how to take photos that sell and if wouldn't be even better if you do it with your phone - in just one afternoon!

just one afternoon

My Product Photo Boss Promise

If you don't learn one new thing in Photograph Your Products Like a Boss, email me within 14 days of purchase and I'll happily return your money.